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Omar Bessa, IQ tested in the 99.9993923584% 16 SD percentile (170)
First: the claim that “kids and dead people are always the example for 200+” could be disputed.
You could say “very often”, but without concrete data it’s hyperbolic. Sorry to nitpick like this, yet the question begs it if it’s going to be properly frxd and answered.
There’s no way to gather all the data required, so this statement is falsifiable in principle but not in practice.
What you could otherwise say is: “Why are small kids with very high IQs shown in media?” and that kind of answers itself: because it’s easy news. It even happened to myself. Now that I’m an adult there’s no one covering my story.
Adults with very high IQs are not news. Kids are.

首先,“ 智商200+的案例都出現在孩子(和死人)之中”的說法可能會引起爭議。
你可以說“非常頻繁” ,但是沒有具體的數據支撐,那這就是夸張,很抱歉這么挑剔,但問題在于它是否會被恰當地界定和回答。
你也可以說: “為什么高智商的小孩子會出現在媒體上? ” 答案就在于此,因為這是新聞。

Adults with very high IQs who are dead and—very important and—have done contributions to Science or else, can also be turned into a news piece with a guesstimation of their IQs.
Adults with very high IQs who were famous are news. Commoners are not.
Said estimation is always going to be unfalsifiable and very pseudo-scientific. Unless we can find great genetic markers for IQs and then unearth a couple of them and sequence their DNA, we won’t be able to prove any claims like those.

除非我們能找到一些杰出人物的智商遺傳標記,然后挖掘出其中的一些并測序它們的 DNA,否則我們將無法證明任何類似的斷言。

Second: 200+ IQs are ratio IQs. Which notoriously lead to problems.
What good is a 250 [1]IQ? Or a 228 [2]one? Or a 170 [3]one? 160[4]? what about 125[5]?
Who had demonstrated incredible almost super-human abilities in the realms of intellectual efficacy? The 228 person or the 170/190?
For one, there’s no evidence that John von Neumann had taken an IQ test. Same goes to Einstein, and he was qualititatively different/capable than the von Neumann alien. If that alien was 170, I’ll gladly drop my IQ by a hundred points.
Marilyn vos Savant did get tested and she’s no Einstein, Neumann nor Feynman.

250的智商體現在何處? 228呢? 170? 160? 125 又怎么樣?
誰在智力效能領域展示了難以置信的近乎超人的能力? 是智商228的人,還是智商170 / 190的人?
首先,沒有證據表明約翰 · 馮 · 諾伊曼做過智商測試,愛因斯坦也是一樣,他被認定為與“外星人”馮 · 諾依曼外星人一樣有能力,如果馮 · 諾伊曼這個“外星人”的智商是170,我很樂意把我的智商降低100點。
瑪麗蓮 · 沃斯 · 莎凡特做過測試,她既不是愛因斯坦,也沒有成為也不是馮 · 諾伊曼,費曼。


obxtions aside, what happens to those people after they grow up?
Well, some of them go lead wonderful careers where they can utilize their talents to some extent. Others don’t.
Those who don’t are divided between the ones that consciously do so, and the ones that are limited by an environmental factor or else that escapes beyond their control—e.g. illness, poverty, etc.
Wherever their paths lead them are a combination of how well adjusted they are and how good their socio-economic background is.


A stupid badly adjusted high IQ person is one heartbreak away of becoming a deranged terrorist[9]. A better adjusted one could have a family and be a productive [10]member of society. A less adjusted one might try to build a weird [11]theory of everything.
It depends.

一個不太適應環境的人可能會試圖建立一個奇怪的萬物理論。 [11]

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